PCMA's "That’s What PBMs Do" Alabama Campaign


PCMA's "That's What PBMs Do" campaign highlights the PBM value proposition on key themes including:

  • PBMs reduce pharmacy costs for employers and consumers.
  • PBM mail-service pharmacies improve safety, savings, and convenience.
  • PBMs help patients adhere to their medication regimens.

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PBMs will save Alabama employers and consumers $24.7 billion in prescription drug costs over the next decade. PBMs lower prescription drug costs through several innovative strategies, including:

  • Negotiating Rebates from Drug Manufacturers
  • Negotiating Discounts from Drugstores
  • Offering More Affordable Pharmacy Channels, including Mail-Service Pharmacies
  • Encouraging Use of Generics and Affordable Brands
  • Reducing Waste and Improving Adherence

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