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Pharmacy benefit companies (also called PBMs) recognize that pharmacies are an important part of patient care across the U.S. Especially in rural areas, patients may depend on their pharmacist for more than just filling prescriptions; for example, providing clinical services such as vaccinations and help managing chronic conditions.

To achieve a more affordable, higher quality future for our health care system, the policy debate cannot ignore the critical perspective of the employers who collectively sponsor health insurance benefits for 86 percent of employees working in the private sector.

Each year, PBMs save patients and the U.S. health care system an average of $1,040 per person. Without PBMs, employers and health plans would be forced to go it alone on pharmacy benefits, which would result in significantly higher drug costs for patients.

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Prescription for Change - Improving Competition to Lower Drug Prices

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Health Equity

For America’s PBMs, our mission is simple: increase affordable access to prescription drugs for everyone. We believe care should be patient-focused, equitable, and affordable.


The State of the Pharmacy Market

Over the last ten years (2014-2024), the number of independent retail pharmacies nationwide increased by 1,287 stores or 5.8%. In contrast, the number of retail chain pharmacies decreased by 4,149 stores or 10.3%

How PBMs Work
PBMs and Pharmacies
Health Equity

How PBMs Work

P‍harmacy benefit companies are working every day on behalf of employers and health plans to secure savings on prescription drugs, enable better health outcomes for patients, and support access to quality prescription drug coverage for more than 275 million patients.

PBMs and Pharmacies

Pharmacy benefit companies work to provide patients with a higher quality, lower cost pharmacy experience, which includes supporting independent pharmacies...

Health Equity

For America’s PBMs, our mission is simple: increase affordable access to prescription drugs for everyone. 


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PCMA’s Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

PCMA believes that organizational and employee success require a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce and a culture that embraces and encourages different perspectives. We recognize the inherent value in employing a workforce with a range of experiences and it is our commitment to embrace every person’s uniqueness and to provide a professional work environment where everyone is welcome and treated with dignity and respect. READ PCMA’S CODE OF CONDUCT