PCMA Annual Meeting 2023 will take place at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ October 2-3.

The PCMA Annual Meeting is the industry’s premier executive conference.

A University of Pennsylvania professor’s deep dive into pharmacy benefit companies concludes that they are intermediaries that control costs and improve health outcomes.

While home during their August recess, members of Congress are likely to hear from constituents about a wide range of challenges they’re facing. At the top of many constituents’ lists will be complaints about the rising price of prescription drugs...

Drug companies often raise list prices annually in January and July. In January 2021, 822 brand drugs raised prices an average of 4.6%, and in 67 brand drugs raised prices an average 3.5% in July . . .

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Prescription for Change - Improving Competition to Lower Drug Prices

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PCMA Launches Ad Campaign on Value of Pharmacy Benefit Companies and Solutions to Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Campaign highlights how Pharmacy Benefit Companies work every day to secure savings, enable better health outcomes, support access to quality Rx coverage, and promote competition. . .

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Health Equity

For America’s PBMs, our mission is simple: increase affordable access to prescription drugs for everyone. We believe care should be patient-focused, equitable, and affordable.


The Independent Pharmacy Marketplace is Still Stable

Over the last ten years, the number of independent retail pharmacies nationwide increased by 1,638 stores or 7.5%.

Pharmacy DIR
Value of PBMs
High Priced Drugs
Health Equity

Pharmacy Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR)

Value-based pharmacy reimbursement reduces drug costs for medicare beneficiaries and lowers spending. . .

The Value of PBMs

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are your advocates in the health care system, working to lower prescription drug costs for patients and payers.

High Priced Drugs

America’s PBMs are the only member of the prescription drug supply and payment chain working to reduce high drug costs, improve patient access, and increase affordability. . .

Health Equity

For America’s PBMs, our mission is simple: increase affordable access to prescription drugs for everyone. 


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PCMA’s Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

PCMA believes that organizational and employee success require a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce and a culture that embraces and encourages different perspectives. We recognize the inherent value in employing a workforce with a range of experiences and it is our commitment to embrace every person’s uniqueness and to provide a professional work environment where everyone is welcome and treated with dignity and respect. READ PCMA’S CODE OF CONDUCT