Ten Largest Medicare PartD PDPs with Preferred Pharmacy Networks 2016
Preferred Pharmacy Travel Distances by CD 2014
Pharmacy Access Data by State
Oppose S 1190 - HR 793
Moran Cost Est on 4577 - 21 over 10
Medicare PartD PDPs with Preferred Networks 2016
Medicare Enrollees in Preferred Pharmacy Network Plans by CD
Iowa pharmacy sector strong despite economy
GAO 2013 PSAO report
FTC Comments on Part D Rule
Drug Channels: Retail Chains and Independent Participation in Part D
Drug Channels: Preferred Networks for 2016
CMS PCSP Network Study Industry Briefing Slides 12.12.14
CMS Pharmacy Network Study
Chapter 5 of Part D Manual: Any Willing Pharmacy and Preferred Pharmacy
Chain Drug Review: Independents Holding Own
Any Willing Pharmacy Guidance
AAF on Part D
2016 Enrollment in Medicare PartD PDPs by Parent Organization
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