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PBMs Under Fire at Senate Hearing

“The PBM industry is the only stakeholder in the chain dedicated to seeking lower costs, and we are proud to play that role,” said JC Scott, president and CEO of the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association. “PBMs do that work for the employer, union health plan, and government clients who hire them and most importantly, the patients for whom those plans provide coverage.”

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Profit Pump: 100 years after first patient uses insulin, out-of-pocket costs continue to climb

“We believe the key to reducing drug costs is increasing competition, including for insulin products,” said the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA). “Unfortunately, tactics used by drug manufacturers to avoid competition, including ongoing patent extensions on insulin products, are a significant barrier to getting costs down even further for people with diabetes.”

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Drugmakers are the ones that control the cost of insulin

Drug manufacturers have leveraged limited competition in the insulin market to increase the list price of insulin products over the past 10 years. PBMs, on the other hand, are working on behalf of patients to negotiate lower costs and increase access to these needed medications. PBMs have stepped up efforts to help patients living with diabetes afford their medications by introducing new programs to cap, or outright eliminate, out-of-pocket costs on insulin.

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Bipartisan lawmakers push for ending insulin rebates in drug prices bill

The provision to target rebates drew pushback from the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, which represents the PBM industry. The priorities would “provide drug manufacturers additional opportunities to maximize revenues by gaming which products to roll back to 2006 prices to avoid discounting, and which products to keep at 2022 pricing,” the group said in a statement to Fierce Healthcare. “It would do little to reduce costs for patients.

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