This 2017 study from the Mandated Health Benefits Advisory Commission of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance focuses on, NJ SB1313, the Mandated Health Benefits Coverage for Opioid Analgesics with Abuse-Deterrent Properties. The study highlights the social benefits, medical evidence, and fiscal impacts of mandating coverage of opioid analgesics with abuse-deterrent properties.In summary, abuse-deterrent opioids are not the panacea for opioid addiction that their title might suggest, given their increased cost compared to other formulations, the fact that they are not fully abuse-resistant and can be abused orally, the unanticipated associated risks of increasing heroin and fentanyl abuse when individuals switch to these cheaper alternatives, and the potential for increased rates of diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B and C when they are melted down and injected with shared needles. The estimated cost of S 1313 for the first full year after passage is $111 million.