PCMA Unveils New Campaign on the Value of Pharmacy Benefit Managers

As the debate on high-cost prescription drugs continues and policymakers seek solutions to reduce out-of-control prices for consumers, the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA) today is announcing the launch of a new, multi-faceted digital public affairs campaign OnYourRxSideThe campaign is designed to increase awareness of the value that pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) bring to patients and the employers and public programs providing prescription drug coverage.

“PBMs have an established and successful track record of implementing consumer-friendly, market-based tools, such as negotiating with drug manufacturers, to reduce costs for consumers,” said PCMA President and CEO JC Scott. “This campaign is designed to break through the noise in the drug pricing debate and clearly demonstrate how PBMs are the advocates for consumers in the fight to lower prescription drug costs.”

Today, the campaign is launching the first in a series of new ads, including:

  • “We’re Clamping Down on Drug Price Hikes”
    • Did you know Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) save patients and health plans $123 per prescription?
  • “We’re in Your Corner Against Skyrocketing Drug Prices”
    • Did you know Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) will negotiate prescription drug costs down $654 billion over the next ten years?
  • “We’re Keeping a Lid on Out-of-Control Drug Prices.”
    • Did you know your Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) negotiated $941 or more in savings for you last year?

Click here to view the new campaign website

The core mission for PBMs is to be the primary advocate for consumers and health plans in the fight to keep prescription drugs accessible and affordable. PBMs negotiate on behalf of consumers, and are able to keep a lid on overall costs for prescription drugs with market-based tools that encourage competition among drugmakers and drugstores, and incentivize consumers to take the most cost-effective and clinically appropriate medication.