Pharmaceutical Supply and Payment Chain Coalition Statement on the Administration’s Executive Order to Strengthen Supply Chains

(Washington, D.C.) — The Pharmaceutical Supply and Payment Chain Coalition issued the following statement in response to the Administration’s February 24, 2021, Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains.

“As representative organizations of America’s pharmaceutical supply and payment chain, including prescription and over-the-counter brand and generic manufacturers; pharmacies and pharmacists across all practice settings, including health systems and hospitals, community, supermarkets, specialty, and managed care; wholesalers; pharmaceutical quality standard developers; employers and other health plan sponsors; health insurance providers; and pharmacy benefit managers, we appreciate the Administration’s focus on the safety and resiliency of the global drug supply chain.

“Throughout this unprecedented public health emergency, and despite challenges, the drug supply chain continues to be strong, secure, and resilient, and Americans continue to have access to a safe, quality, and reliable supply of medicines. Deloitte found that during the first 90 days of the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain stakeholders leveraged their strong relationships and prior emergency response experience to anticipate changes in demand, respond to evolving patient needs, and mitigate disruptions, including handling surges, with a singular focus on maintaining reliable patient access to medicines.

“We believe maintaining stability within the supply chain during the global COVID-19 pandemic is crucial. We strongly urge the Administration to focus on solutions that harness existing relationships with international trading partners to promote supply chain resiliency and diversity while avoiding measures that could undermine our ability to work with the international community. We support manufacturing in the United States, and believe it is important to continue developing incentives to maintain, utilize, and attract investment in domestic manufacturing. However, undertaking significant changes in sourcing and production during a pandemic is not only disruptive but may impair patient access to medicines.

“We look forward to working with the Administration on approaches that maintain supply chain resiliency, promote adaptability, and help every patient affordably and reliably access needed medications.”

In a January 2021 letter to President Biden, the coalition urged the Administration to promote resiliency and diversity of the global pharmaceutical supply chain, specifically referring to its May 27, 2020, Guiding Principles to Promote Undisrupted Patient Access to MedicationsClick here to read: Guiding Principles to Promote Undisrupted Patient Access to Medications.

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