PCMA Annual Meeting 2022

PCMA Annual Meeting 2022 will be on September 19 & 20. Please save the date.

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Pharmacy direct and indirect remuneration, or DIR, is a form of value-based contracting in Medicare Part D. Pharmacy DIR increases the quality of the prescription drug benefit while helping to keep cost-sharing and premiums affordable for beneficiaries.

It should come as no surprise that pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) applaud Congress for recent bipartisan action to further delay the rebate rule as part of legislation to address gun safety and mental health.

When it comes to lowering prescription drug costs, competition is key throughout the prescription drug supply chain. If you’ve listened to some in Washington, you might be led to believe that there is very little competition in the PBM marketplace. . .

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Health Equity

For America’s PBMs, our mission is simple: increase affordable access to prescription drugs for everyone. We believe care should be patient-focused, equitable, and affordable.

The Medicare Prescription Drug Rebate Rule

The rebate rule clumsily attempts to eliminate the primary tool used by pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs, to negotiate increased access to affordable prescription drugs with drug manufacturers.

Pharmacy DIR
Value of PBMs
Critical Path Forward
High Priced Drugs
Health Equity


OnYourRxSide is an educational platform that provides critical information to help you learn more about prescription drug pricing and understand PBMs’ role in advocating for lower prescription drug costs and greater savings on necessary medications.

Pharmacy Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR)

Value-based pharmacy reimbursement reduces drug costs for medicare beneficiaries and lowers spending. . .

The Value of PBMs

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are your advocates in the health care system, working to lower prescription drug costs for patients and payers.

The Critical Path Forward

For America’s pharmacy benefit managers, PBMs, our core mission is to increase access to affordable prescription drugs for all Americans.

But more can be done and we stand ready to be part of the solution.

High Priced Drugs

America’s PBMs are the only member of the prescription drug supply and payment chain working to reduce high drug costs, improve patient access, and increase affordability. . .

Health Equity

For America’s PBMs, our mission is simple: increase affordable access to prescription drugs for everyone. 


PBMs are taking action to support national, state, and local COVID-19 vaccination efforts.


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