The PCMA Foundation’s mission is to provide grants to academic researchers and non-profit organizations to support independent non-partisan research projects.

The PCMA Foundation is the non-profit arm of the
Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA).

Researchers who are interested in being considered for a grant from the PCMA Foundation should send a brief 1-2 page proposal that includes description of the proposed research project, amount of funding request, and CVs for project Principal Investigators. 

Potential research must be in the U.S. prescription drug or pharmacy benefits space but is open to a wide range of topics within those areas. For example, the PCMA Foundation has previously supported research on generic drug competition and for the purchase of a unique dataset for use in a public-facing report.

Please direct all inquiries to Amanda Frost at

PCMA represents the nation’s pharmacy benefit managers, the companies that work to keep prescription drugs affordable and accessible to those with health coverage in the United States, including Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, veterans and active-duty military personnel, those enrolled in health coverage offered through state and federal exchange plans, federal and state employees, union members, and other private sector workers and their families.