Unlocking an Affordable Future

Building Toward a More Accessible and Affordable Health Care Future

As pharmacy benefit experts, our companies secure lower prescription drug costs, enable better health outcomes for patients, and offer employers and other health insurance plan sponsors the choices and guidance they need to expand access and provide quality prescription drug coverage for 275 million people in the United States.

Our Vision of an Affordable Future

Our vision of an Affordable Future prioritizes patients and clinicians and proposes actionable solutions to enhance the competitive market for drugs and biologics.

Taken together, these ideas would result in a more functional, equitable, and affordable market for prescription drugs.

Ensure System Sustainability by Promoting Competition

Enabling a robust private prescription drug marketplace that promotes competition is the best way to drive down prescription drug costs and make more affordable alternatives available for patients.

Support and Equip Clinicians with Tools and Data to Most Effectively Serve Patients

Pharmacy benefit experts support efforts to help clinicians, including pharmacists and other health care practitioners, practice at the top of their license to optimize use of their clinical expertise and counseling abilities. Pharmacy benefit companies also work to increase clinicians’ administrative efficiency by offering information and tools to help serve patients.

Enhance Patient Outcomes and Improve the Patient Experience

Pharmacy benefit companies use their prescription drug expertise to support better health outcomes and provide recommendations to meet each patient’s needs.