To help facilitate access to our nation’s nearly 70,000 retail pharmacies, PBMs are actively providing information to RxOpen, a central hub created after Hurricane Katrina to help promote uniform, consistent supply-chain information for stakeholders. PBMs also are supporting policy solutions that ease operational barriers and help empower pharmacy professionals to support our nation’s COVID-19 response.

PCMA echoes the recommendations of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, National Community Pharmacists Associations, National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations, and others in asking states or their Boards of Pharmacy to provide pharmacy professionals and others facilitating access to pharmacy care with increased workflow flexibility, including by:

  • Allowing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with valid licenses/certifications to temporarily operate across state lines;

  • Authorizing pharmacists and pharmacy staff to conduct routine pharmacy tasks remotely when the technology allows, including those licensed outside the state and including technicians, so long as their work is verified electronically by the supervising pharmacist;

  • Issuing licensing waivers and expediting conditional approval for pharmacy technician duties;

  • Waiving pharmacy technician ratios or allowing the supervising pharmacist to expand the ratio at their discretion; and

  • Ensuring pharmacy professionals are designated essential personnel.

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