ME LD 1268 Testimony

This bill prohibits an insurance carrier from requiring prior authorization or step therapy protocol for the prescription of medication to assess or treat an enrollee’s serious mental illness.

ME HB 1450 Testimony (2021)

PCMA submits testimony in opposition of HB 1450. The bill would permit PBMs to include affiliate pharmacies in communications to customers regarding network pharmacies and prices, but only if the PBM includes information regarding eligible pharmacies that are not affiliate pharmacies.

ME SB 97 Testimony (2021)

PCMA submits testimony regarding SB 97, a bill that relates to in-network retail pharmacies delivering prescriptions as an ancillary service.

ME LD 172 Testimony (2021)

LD 172 adds a barcode that allows a patient to digitally access the information on the label. PCMA would oppose and request that the language be expanded to “technological means to provide the prescription label information”. That way the language will include all of the different products in the marketplace that provide prescription label information […]

ME LD 41 Testimony (2021)

PCMA submits testimony in opposition to LD 41, a bill that relates to the Maine Health Data Organization (MHDO) and their rulemaking on PBM rebate reporting.

KY HB 532 Testimony & Talking Points (2021)

PCMA’s comment letter and talking points delivered to Kentucky leadership, in opposition to HB 532, which would allow government meddling in contract terms between private entities, and prohibit PBMs ability of utilizing preferred pharmacy networks.

IN SB 62 Testimony (2021)

PCMA submitted testimony against SB 62, which would require rebates negotiated by PBMs be applied to a patient’s cost sharing at the point of sale.

IN SB 131 Comment Letter (2021)

PCMA submits a comment letter opposing SB 131.  As introduced, the bill would require a health plan to provide a covered individual the wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) of a prescription drug that was dispensed or administered to that covered individual and require health plans to provide written notice to a covered individual of the amount […]