About the PBM Policy Forum

With the public debate about prescription drug prices playing out in the press, in Congress, and among regulators, policymakers are focusing on the role of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) in addressing drug costs.

Operating under contract with health plan sponsors – insurers and self-funded employer plans alike – PBMs work to lower prescription drug costs for patients. In addition to their role negotiating lower drug costs with manufacturers and pharmacies, PBMs also monitor the drug development pipeline for new therapies, and through their affiliated mail service and specialty pharmacies, provide safe, convenient, and less expensive home-delivered medications for patients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, PBMs facilitated ready access to mail delivery of needed medications for those trying to stay safe, encouraged and facilitated health plan enrollee COVID vaccination, and supported efforts to identify and help address health care disparities.

PCMA’s Virtual PBM Policy Forum 2021 will feature health care, PBM, and pharmaceutical manufacturer industry thought leaders and executives discussing how the public and private sectors are tackling drug costs and improving the affordability and quality of care for patients. Speakers will address pressing topics, including:

  • achieving widespread COVID-19 vaccination,
  • the public policy implications of digital therapeutics,
  • using real-world data to promote value-based purchasing and deliver patient-centered care,
  • promoting access to biosimilars,
  • innovating to address the high costs of orphan and gene therapies,
  • delivering value for Medicaid and Medicare Part D beneficiaries,
  • improving health outcomes and affordable access to specialty drugs for patients, and
  • partnering with employers.

Intended Audience

The PCMA Virtual PBM Policy Forum 2021 is designed for policymakers and staff from Capitol Hill and the Administration, as well as health care and pharmaceutical industry leaders from think tanks, patient advocacy groups, industry trade associations, and the media.

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