The Pharmacy Benefit with JC Scott is a podcast series from the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association. This podcast highlights the PBM industry and the value PBMs bring to tens or millions of people throughout the country. PCMA President & CEO JC Scott explores and discusses a wide variety of topics with experts and industry leaders.

Host JC Scott speaks with two guests from Humana Pharmacy Solutions. The first, Mona Siddiqui, is senior vice president of clinical strategy and quality at Humana. Her background is in public service, especially with HHS and the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Innovation. The second is Dr. Scott Greenwell, senior vice president of pharmacy solutions at Humana, who played an integral role in launching Humana’s Medicare Part D program. The discussion is around innovation in service delivery both before, during, and after the pandemic.

Host JC Scott speaks with Claire Winiarek, the VP for Policy of PCMA, about the increased use of mail delivery for prescriptions. Winiarek discusses the value of mail service for prescriptions both relative to the pandemic and beyond it.

Host JC Scott speaks with Mark Newsom, the principal and founder at Health Evaluations LLC, on one of the executive orders Trump signed on drug pricing that affects prescription drug rebates for public programs. Newsom discusses how prescription drug premiums will certainly increase with the implementation of this rule.

Dan Judy, Analyst and Polling Expert at North Star Opinion Research, speaks with host JC Scott about his recent polls finding that benefits managers are overwhelmingly satisfied with results on Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). Despite these positive results, JC and Dan discuss why PBMs still suffer from a “trust deficit” in the public eye.

JC Scott speaks with Doug Long, Vice President of Industry Relations at IQVIA, about the impact of COVID-19 on the pharmaceutical market. IQVIA is a world leader in using data, technology, advanced analytics and expertise to help customers drive healthcare – and human health – forward.

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Host JC Scott speaks with Mostafa Kamal, CEO of Magellan Rx Management, about the evolving role of the PBM market in delivering solutions to its clients. JC and Mostafa also discuss challenges to Medicaid during the current economic downfall, as well as upcoming technological innovations to improve the patient experience.

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Tim Wentworth, the president of Cigna Express Scripts and Cigna Services, talks with host JC Scott about how Cigna–along with the entire pharmaceutical industry–are addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Host JC Scott speaks with Mark Newsom, the principal and founder at Health Evaluations LLC, on the core role of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). Newsom goes through the process PBMs take to get us, the consumers, the most effective medications for the lowest premiums. He also discusses PBMs and their role in conjunction with the other players in the industry.