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The management of high cost drugs is receiving increased attention from patients, providers, payers, and policymakers due to ongoing drug price increases and the aggregate impact on health care costs. PBMs are responsible for creating novel solutions to improve the quality and continuity of care patients receive, while managing costs for patients and payers.

Specialty drugs increasingly account for a significant proportion of overall health care spending. As the cost and utilization of specialty drugs continue to rise, health plans and PBMs provide patients with access to important therapies and maintain affordability.

Over the next ten years, PBMs and specialty pharmacies will save payers and patients an estimated total of $250 billion on the cost of specialty medications and related non-drug medical costs when compared to what expenditures would be with limited use of PBMs and specialty pharmacies. The continued use of cost-saving tools will be essential as PBMs and payers work to manage expenses and enable access to these innovative drugs.

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