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Death of rural pharmacies across US leaves millions without a place to get medicine

Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, the leading PBM trade group, claimed the number of independent pharmacies has actually grown. “Over the last 10 years, the number of U.S. independent pharmacies has increased by nearly 2,000 stores of 8%,” PCMA said in a written statement to the Washington Examiner. “That represents a stable — if not growing — market for independent pharmacies in this country. A healthy independent pharmacy market and strong partnership with PBMs helps to lower prescription drug costs, create competition, coordinate better care, reduce medication errors, and increase medication adherence — all of which is squarely in the interest of pharmacies, patients, and the health care system.”

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‘Solution’ to Pharmacy Benefit Managers Problem Is Costly

Blaming healthcare costs on PBMs is tempting, but misguided. Both the Trump and Biden administrations have bludgeoned the industry, because it seems like the simple way to cut the Gordian knot of American medicine in half. But it’s not: Without PBMs, prescription drugs would cost patients and the government even more.

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PBMs Under Fire at Senate Hearing

“The PBM industry is the only stakeholder in the chain dedicated to seeking lower costs, and we are proud to play that role,” said JC Scott, president and CEO of the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association. “PBMs do that work for the employer, union health plan, and government clients who hire them and most importantly, the patients for whom those plans provide coverage.”

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